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Here's the press release from the Met:


What excites me most is this:

The Met will present live streaming of opera performances on its website with support from RealNetworks®, the leading creator of digital media services. In the coming months, Real will also make the Met’s extensive library of radio archive broadcasts available through its award-winning Rhapsody® online music service. Streaming of Met operas is anticipated to begin with the start of the 2006-07 season.
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Never would have imagined this, and there should be some thought of doing it with ballet. They sure know something I don't, and I'll still believe it when I see it. Much better than television broadcasts.

Well, Peter Gelb is letting no grass grow under his feet, unless this is a leftover from Joe Volpe which is doubtful.

One way or another it shows thinking on a very large scale. The Met's cobwebs are being blown away.

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Great idea -- this sort of performance is meant to be shared in a theater.

I noticed this statement in the Times article:

Mr. Gelb said that the unions agreed, essentially, to end the arrangement of receiving high up-front fees and payments for later uses of a broadcast, and instead will permit unlimited exploitation by the Met of broadcasts in exchange for sharing future revenues.

Wouldn't it be nice if NYCB could arrange something similar, so their extraordinary rep can be shared with a wider audience..

With the decline of touring and tv performances, how else can even major ballet companies reach out to larger national and international audiences and avoid becoming ... how can I put this? ... home-bound and provincial.

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