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Royal Ballet: Sleeping Beauty to be filmed!!!!

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No - these days the RB doesn't announce any but the two leads in advance. But if they keep to the same casting as at the premiere of this production, Marianela Nunez will be the Lilac Fairy and Sarah Lamb and Yohei Sasaki will do the Bluebird pas de deux, with Genesia Rosato as Carabosse. I'd certainly put money on seeing Nunez and Lamb! So far as I remember, Nunez was also Myrthe in the performances of Giselle which were filmed.

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It is being televised on BBC in the UK during the month of January, but there is no indication whether or not it will be released on DVD. Many recent RB telecasts have been only that - telecasts, and even with rumors of DVD release, they haven't been out on DVD. So I wouldn't hold my breath yet...

EDITED: I had originally written February, but it's in January. My faulty memory picked the wrong dates out of this BBC press release (February is the Stravinsky radio broadcasts): http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/pressrele...haikovsky.shtml

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I just got this from Johan Kobborg's website: they are going to film Sleeping Beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Giselle telecast is going to be in November. But ... a Sleeping Beauty with Alina Cojocaru. I'm in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wub::):yahoo:

I go mostly to Miss Cojocaru's performances with the Royal Ballet as she is for me something extraordinary. I can however assure you in SB, both Miss Lamb and Miss Asanelli gave more mature ballerina performances than Miss Cojocaru this season

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