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New Amazon Mini-Store Link


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It's still there, where it always was! You probably have to log in separately, but when I just clicked the Amazon logo on the banner, it tried to sell me underwear, which, I assure you, is not in our mini-store!
This logo is what went away when the ministore went up (probably the combo of Internet Explorer and Security I've got, that once created this problem before).

But fortunately the suggestion below got me through. I'd never thought to scroll down to find a better way in. Now I can do my Christmas and Birthday shopping in good conscience! Thanks Carbro!!!

If you go into the mini-store to shop, and then you want to buy other items, you can scroll to the foot of BT's mini-store page and click on the Amazon logo there. You're in the middle of the main floor, instead of the little boutique.
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