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This is an odd question, but I was always fascinated by the shoes Misha wore in this movie. There were no noticable emblems on them, but eh flexibilty he had to move in them was really cool and I always wanted a pair. Granted it is 20 years later, but does anyone know what brand these shoes are and it if possible to still get them?


I was delighted to see a Behind The Scenes look at the move to answer many of those questions as to how they filmed the movie without being in Russia. IMDB provided some information years prior to the DVD release about using Lisbon, but as to how they obtained the footage of of then Soviet Russia was interesting.

I also liked the small tribute they paid to Mr. Gregory Hines. Of course I wanted more. But I also got TAP in the mail today from Netflix, and after perusing the EXTRAS, I think they will do a better job on paying an homage to him. Or a more complete look at him, not to take anything away from the White Nights tribute.

But yeah, those shoes...

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