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Baryshnikov's movie "White Nights" will soon be released on a "Special Edition" DVD in the U.S.A. (DVD Region 1, "R1".) I haven't been able to find any evidence that it'll include any "extras" to justify calling it "special". Still, I'm grateful that it's finally being released on DVD, because I've never seen it, and the NTSC VHS release doesn't do me any good with my PAL video recorder.

It's due for R1 release on the 29th of August 2006, and it can be pre-ordered on Amazon (& elsewhere).

Now that I think about it... I just double-checked Amazon.co.uk, and it's already been released in the UK, on a PAL-format R2 DVD. The release date there was the 10th of July. It wasn't there last time I checked. The UK release doesn't seem to have any "extras".


(*) Disclaimer: Please be careful if you try to order a DVD from a foreign country, it may not necessarily work with your equipment.

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