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Russia's Imperial Theater School

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i wonder if anyone here knows if all pupils in the imperial theater school - whether in the music, drama or ballet divisions - wore the same uniforms.

we know from our ballet histories that the look of the young woman in the attached photo pertained to ballet pupils. but i can't say with any certainty that this is a ballet pupil.

the back of the card - not necessarily reliable in any case - has 3 handwritten lines - in ballpoint, so hardly from the period - which note: TSVETKOVA MASHA DOUBROVKSII - if, that is, i've made out the writing accurately.

i know from borisoglebskii that there was a ballet school graduate named nadezhda tsvetkova in the imperial school but her dates would seem to be far earlier than the era when photos of this sort were taken.

i think there was an imperial opera singer named tsvetkova but have no way of knowing if this woman might be that tsvetkova.

all thoughts/suggestions greatly appreciated.


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just found your post -- the lady on the picture might plausibly be a very young E. Tsvetkova, who sang indeed the part of Masha in Napravnik's Dubrovsky -- but certainly not in this costume!

So maybe all pupils, whether dancers, actors or singers, wore the same uniform...



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many, many thanks for your information.

i have been suspecting that the pupils of the imperial theater school all wore similar uniforms.

if this indeed is the opera singer tsvetkova, it would seem pretty conclusively that the pupils were all similarly dressed for school. (this is the garment i believe nijinska or karsavina called the 'house dress.'

i knew nothing of napravnik's DUBROVSKY until your post.

so again, my thanks.

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