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I've done ballet before, but was about 7years ago.

I slightly confused about what I can wear in a class studio, as I am going back to do ballet again. I have no problem about wearing leotards and tights with jazz pant's on top. but are there any other dancers male or female, who could help or feel that I am maybe going to offend the other more expereinced dancer which I know to be in the mid to late 20s and are all female.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, thorp1710. It's great that you are returning to ballet study. We have a sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers, which caters more closely to your question. You can access the site at the upper right hand corner of this page at "BT for Dancers". Click on it and you're there. Register with your same name so that we know who you are. We wish you all the luck in the world and....enjoy!


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