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Sitting in Houston

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:blush: My problem is , I have never been to the theatre that the Huston Ballet uses. I'm traveling up to see a preformance of Dracula in September. Now, The person who's comming with me and I both have rather bad eye sigh but I don't have a ton to spend on tickets. I was wondering what the best economical choice of seats was. I was looking at the Loge circle but then I noticed that the model does not show it.

Has anyone been to a show there( I believe it's being held at the Brown Theater at Wortham Theater Center, 501 Texas Avenue at Smith Street.). I don't think I can offord orchestra center, founders boxes, ect. I'm hopeing not to spend more than 130 on two tickets.

Any help would be great. Thank you in advance and I am sorry if this is the wrong place. I searched first and wasn't sure if it belonged in the Huston Ballet forums.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi Julianna! Here is my recommendation. Buy the cheaper orchestra seats. I think sitting up in the Loge is fine but you are still rather far away from the stage. Also - the seats in the back of the orchestra are rather nice as well. Good sight lines and I perfer them over the loge.

Here is my little hint... try to get aisle seats - as the lights dim just at show time - move your seats... towards the center or down to any open seats closer to the stage. I have watched so many people do this in the past - company dancers not dancing that night - Academy students, etc. Once the lights dim - those open seats are up for grabs.

But - if you are unable to do that (or worry about doing it :blush: ) go for the orchestra sides. They are really pretty good seats.

Enjoy the show - I can't wait to see it myself.


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We ended up getting front row balcony seats, the ones on the aisle. What is even odder is I bought them semi frantic because I was worried it'd sell out rather quickly, then after finally getting the info in I checked here again and saw your reply. Thank you so much for the suggestion. If we get back for Madame Butterfly I will be sure to get floor seats.

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