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Till recently I could enjoy ballet only if my daughter in it. Did not even notice when I became addicted to it. I enjoy going to the ballet performances with my daughter. Ballet tickets… let’s say it is going out of control, I am impulsive buyer. Enjoy watching ballet performances on DVD and VHS and have a relatively sizable collection of my own. Now Internet also made possible to take a peek at the dancers that I might never see performing live or in proper recording media. I have been reading this forum for about a year. I am not very confident about my English and my writing skills, so I am here to read and learn, and maybe post some times, although my first unsuccessful posting experience does't encourage to do so (do not know what was wrong with my first post here, it got deleted for some reason :clapping: ).

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, lg0627. It's is interesting to read about your growing realization of, and love for, ballet. We hope that you continue to learn about ballet through this site; as you know there is a wealth of information here for you. And please post; we've all had a post or 2 lost in cyberspace so don't feel intimidated.


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Welcome, lg0627 !

I hope you'll tell us about the ballet performances you get to see :clapping: And your English seems perfectly fine.

As your daughter dances, perhaps you already know about our sister site Ballet Talk for Dancers ?


A technical tip:

I noticed that in the following post:


you wrote you had posted in the wrong thread. If you wish to edit or to delete one of your posts, you might use the small "edit" button which is at the bottom right of each post. Hope this helps.

[Oops, I just noticed I posted at the same time as Giannina].

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