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Ballet On The Water


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Will the National Ballet be doing Ballet On The Water in August this year?

I did not see a mention of it in this month's company newsletter. I have enjoyed this event in the past and would love to go again, but is it on?

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Boo hiss. I was afraid that it might not be on. I guess I can always hope that they are a bit late with their promotions. It took me several years to get my act together and actually make it to Ballet/Water, and just as I get it together it seems it may not be on. I really miss the ballet between May and November. The August event was just enough to give me my fix.

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Could be a few reasons why no "Water" Ballet this summer - a number of dancers will be performing at the Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauver and also going to Scotland with the Farrell company for her Don Q so there might not be enough time or dancers to do the waterfront season. Who knows....too bad though as it was always something to look forward to at the end of the summer. November is a looong way away.

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