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Bolshoi at ROH London 8-01-06 to 8-10-06

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I want to thank chiapuris, too. Your review brought me back to the Bolshoi's visit to New York last summer, reveling in the many delights of the Bright Stream. It is sheer pleasure.

Go, Rosie. I am sure you'll enjoy it. And as much as I enjoyed Lunkina's Ballerina, I would urge you to try to see Maria Alexandrova in any role she may be performing.

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Rosie, the cast lists for the three performances aren't up yet on either the English or Danish versions of the Royal Danish Ballet website. (The Danish version has a lot more information about Swan Lake and Bright Stream).

The three performances are listed as:

9 September 8pm

10 September 12:00pm

10 September 8pm.

Please go and tell us what you think!

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I saw it Friday night with the second cast - Yatsenko, (someone replacing Klevtsov as Pyotr and I don't know who and there was no announcement or cast sheet!), Shipulina, Skvortsov. I was upset not to see Lunkina and Alexandrova, but I just couldn't make it on Thursday.

Some might think this as OTT, but I've never enjoyed the Bolshoi so much. Even though I've seen them in Pharaoh's Daughter, despite the plot, I've always felt that when I saw the Bolshoi I was seeing 'serious' ballet, if that makes sense.

This was just as serious technically, beautifully executed... but, I've never seen the Bolshoi, either live or in person, dance so joyfully. (beside Alexandrova in Don Q). It was a true delight. Yeah yeah I have some minor quibbles here and there, some parts work better than others, whatever. A delightful score, delightful dancing, and happiness all around. I've never heard the Covent Garden audience have such a good time!!!! At the end the *very* stately people who could afford to have the seats in front of my standing place were waving back at the dancers, some practically dancing along, lots of giggling and guffawing, but not in the 'be quiet' sort of way.

Hopefully next time we'll get this as a weekend matinee! This is one for all ages I think, and I actually think it would keep both my dad and my brother awake - which is saying A LOT.

*sigh* - I'm still smiling from Friday night....

But is this a classical ballet or modern?

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... Natalia Osipova was phenomenal...

I've read that her Kitri has been thrilling in her 3 or 4 St. Petersburg appearances, each performance topping the previous one. Kate B, could you please tell us more about the London performance? Already, the review in the Evening Standard says

As the applause thundered, the Bolshoi's director Alexei Ratmansky could be seen climbing out of his seat and heading backstage. He was, surely, rushing to congratulate Natalia Osipova.. [she] romped through it with such exuberance and flair, such feisty good humour and quick-witted panache, that her gutsy, lusty Kitri easily rates as the best performance of this Bolshoi visit.
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Last night I saw Alexandrova as Kitri... Her Act II leaps into Filin's arms astound me. She is such a joyous dancer.

Osipova did the Grand Pas variation 1 - she's beautiful, light, tiny, young. Everyone is raving about her, and my friends have insisted that no one, anywhere, could top her Kitri.

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