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Photo of fairy of dolls or masurka

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most photos have copyright restrictions so they cannot be posted without permission.

Ballettalk does sometimes post photos of a historic nature, usually because they are historic and tend to be out of copyright.

your requests would need to be more specific than you have been here, and as mel pointed out in his answer to your request for PAVILLON D'ARMIDE from DON QUIXOTE, also need to be more clear.

i suppose the best that one could do would be indicate what books might have these photos related to your requests, so that you could look for copies in a library.

for example, when you say FAIRY OF DOLLS i suppose you mean what is usually called THE FAIRY DOLL, nowadays the ballet originally made in Vienna is seen mostly as an excerpted pas de trois for the Fairy Doll and two Pierrot-like clowns; this dance was added by the legat brothers when the did their own version of the ballet in russia.

as for the mazurka from COPPELIA, there are countless numbers of stagings of COPPELIA around the world, and each likely has a somewhat different version of the mazurka, not to mention the costuming.

sometimes there are photos posted on websites, if you do a goggle search for your themes by using the specific 'image' tab of the search feature you might find something.

for example: on a google search page i typed in COPPELIA MAZURKA and then clicked images and then 'search images' and i came up with 26 related images, not all are from ballet productions but most are.

here's a link to a sample i got from searching for "the fairy doll"


good luck.

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thanks as ever, mel, for your background information.

i have another 'ballet' set of this series, alas, not this 'fairydoll' sheet. i almost acquired one at one point but then didn't snag it.

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