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Ballet magazines

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As soon as I get off of the computer, I am going downstairs to read "Pointe" magazine. I also read "Dance" magazine, but I only have a subscription to "Pointe."

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i read Ballet Review, DAnce view, Danceviewtimes.com, Ballet/Tanz -- (published in Germany) --which are more for the audience-member, and full of interesting reviews and background material, very well-informed -- and also Pointe (sometimes), and Dancemagazine, which are kinda tilted towards young dancers

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I read Dance View and Ballet Review. For many years I not only subscribed to Dancemagazine but saved every issue. But I stopped saving them when they threatened to bury me. Then I stopped reading it because I could no longer tell the articles apart from the ads.

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DanceView, DanceView Times (internet), Dance Now (U.K.), Dance, Pointe -- and one of the best resources of all, dirac's and Mme. Hermine's wonderful LINKS forum on Ballet Talk.

A number of knowledgeable posters have referred to Ballet Review. I've checked their web page and cllick everywhere, but nothing seems to happen. They do give a Manhattan phone number. Can someone give me an idea of what a typical issue is like?

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I have the Spring 2006 issue of Ballet Review. On the cover is a wonderful photo of Thomas Lund of the Royal Danish Ballet full flight in Napoli.

Contents are:

1. Reviews from Berlin, Boston, Philadelphia, Hamburg, Seattle, Chicago, Chemnitz

2. "The Ashton Centennial at Covent Garden" (Leigh Witchel)

3. "Graham's Mentor" (Jane Sherman) on Ted Shawn

4. "A Conversation with Aurélie Dupont" (Daniel Gesmer)

5. "Ballets Russes, the Movie" (Leland Windreich)

6. "Montpelier at 25" (Sandra Genter)

7. "Unforgettable" (Max Lindsay Whitcomb) -- an short essay on a photo of Darci Kistler and Sebastién Marcovici in Balanchine's Movements for Orchestra

8. "An Unsettled Marriage: The Merger of SAB and Jullliard" (Joseph W. Polisi)

9. "London Reporter" (Clement Crisp)

10. "Music on Disc" (George Dorris)

11. "Check It Out"

100 pages.

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The only way REALLY to get Ballet Review is to subscribe -- it's distributed so badly, and the web-site is (sigh) a long ways off....

I write for them, and am proud to, and it's a wonderful magazine, but they're not really running a business.

On the other hand , that's what makes it so good: it's actually scholarly (and the issues always arrive in the mail just fine). BR is a quarterly, 4 issues for 23 dollars: send a check to

37 West 12th St, # 7J,

Ny Ny 10011

or (it says on the inside cover) fax VISA and MC orders to [212] 924-2176.

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For interested people beyond the direct reach of the US Postal Service, subscription rates are bound to be higher to cover extra postage. It might be a good idea to use the fax number to ask for overseas rates rather than sending a check.

Alexandra has spared DanceView subscribers the inconvenience by posting the rates to different regions.

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it's a wonderful magazine, but they're not really running a business.

If they ran a business, they'd sell back issues, and then I wouldn't be able to afford ballet tickets for awhile. :)

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I began to read Dance Europe beacause i saw an interview with Court Dancer Marie Lindqvist, i do buy it when i see something that i think it´s interesting.

I think it´s a good magazine if you want to look at reviews, now i made a subscription on Pointe magazine and can´t wait for it to arrive on my doorstep :)

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In addition to the publications already mentioned, I also read Dance International, a Canadian magazine. It's published in Vancouver and contains a lot of Canadian content but also includes quarterly reports from NYC, San Francisco, London, Paris, Russia, Italy, Denmark etc. In major Canadian cities it's fairly easy to find at bookstores and newstands and I've also seen it in in NYC and Paris. You can find previous articles, back issues, and subscription info on their website which is kept up to date.

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I have to say that I was kind of disappointed in my limited experience with Ballet Review. At the beginning they have a short reviews section, which I found completely useless, except as archival information (on this date in this city, dancers x and y did ballet z, and it was good. on this other day in this other city, dancers a and b performed ballet c, and it was bad. I am not exaggerating at all).

However, I did enjoy the interviews, and I very much like the concept of Ballet Review.

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