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book about paris opera school

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I would like to buy a book entitled Itineraires d'etoiles by Ariane Bavelier but Amazon is saying it's out of print. If anyone has a copy they would like to sell or know where I can buy a copy I would be very grateful :wub:

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, aude!

We don't allow sales between Ballet Talk members on the board, and, unfortunately, the usual suspects for English-language books besides amazon.com (Abe Books, Powell Books, and Alibris) don't have the book, nor is there a listing on eBay for the US or amazon.fr, or FNAC, the usual suspects for French-language books.

Perhaps one of our member in France could suggest other ways to find the book.

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You dont mention where you live, but my advice would be to try an antiquarian book shop.

If there is no such shop in your vicinity, just search the net. In my experience, these days all self-

respecting antiquarians have their lists on the net. Start your search in France as the book is probably only in French. Almost sure that you would come up with something. I myself have found many rare books this way. Good luck! :)

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Welcome, Aude.

I've had a look at priceminister.com (French web site of people selling used books, and also

CDs, DVDs, etc.) but unfortunately there was no copy of that book to be sold there. However,

you might want to create an account there and set a "wish" (souhait) for that book so that

you'd be warned immediately by e-mail when it becomes available. I used that site several times

for various sorts of books and so far I've always been satisfied with what I've bought.

Could you tell us in which French region you live ? Some bookstores like Gibert (especially the

big ones in Paris, Joseph Gibert and Gibert Jeunes, on the the Boulevard Saint-Michel) sometimes

have good collections of used books. Good luck !

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