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Tour pictures of Royal Ballet

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Yesterday members of the Royal Ballet performed in Sweden were I had the opportunity to take some pictures.

The did a mixed program with pieces of Don Q, Romeo and Juliet, Sleeping beauty, Le Corsair and even some tap dancing!!

Alina Cojocaru, Johan Kobborg, Venus Villa, David Makhateli and two dancers that I forgot the name of, will now be travelling to Japan to perform for a month and then they will be off to tour in the U.S.

I hope you have a chance to see them.

Don Q


Sleeping Beauty

Le Corsair

Romeo and Juliet

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The tap dancing was a part of a very entertaining and funny dance battle between the three male dancers.

I thought that dance battle was a hip hop thing?, but it was fantastic to see these great dancers try to outdo each other.

Kobborg started off with a amazing solo number, David Makhateli and Steven Mc Rae was yawning and tried to look very unimpressed.

Mc Rae answered with a fantastic tap number and he really got the audience with him :thanks: , to Kobborgs annoyance :mad: .

David Makhateli refused to participate in the battle but he was forced to dance by Kobborg and Mc Rae, and acting very unwilling, he finally did a couple of grand jetes.

Well the three combattants ended up as princes dancing the rose adagio with Alina Cojocaru.

Kobborg Cojocaru

McRae Cojocaru

Kobborg Cojocaru

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When I saw the 'roster' for this, I was hoping that McRae and Cojocaru reprised the 'Stars and Stripes' pdd they did at Covent Garden's gala for Plisetskaya. One can dream.... seriously, they need to reprise it someday.

Nonetheless, McRae tap dancing live? Fabulous. A mega-star-super-talent-watch-me-know-cuz-if-you-blink-you'll-miss-it type guy.

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