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Favorite Saratoga Performance

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Any favorite Saratoga performances? Mine would have to be Russian Seasons. Everyone in that piece was fantastic! Although, the entire program that evening was great. It was The Cage (which really showed just how great Jennie Somogyi is ), Andantino (Megan Fairchild and Joaquin De Luz are always incredible!) Romeo and Juliet (definitely a favorite) and Firebird ( a true classic!) What a night! Bravo to the people who arranged the program!

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I was in Saratoga only for the second week of the season, so didn't see the program that was your favorite, Vienna Waltzer. But if I had, it probably would have been my favorite, too. The fact is, I liked everything I saw. None of it was new to me but it just seems better, more enjoyable somehow, at SPAC, where even the most familiar ballets take on a sense of occasion not always present at the New York State Theater.

Although the annual gala is not necessarily the best time to become acquainted with NYCB, I'm curious if anybody on BT went and what you thought.

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