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Nathalie Nordquists and Sebastian Michaneks homepages


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Hi, I just want to let you know that principal dancer and Sebastian Michanek have their own websites!

Sebastian has had his hompages for a few years now but i thougth you should know this Nathailes homepage I did discover in this days.

The adresses are: www.nathalienordquist.com/ and www.sebastian.michanek.com/


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Thanks, Rosie. Here are clickable links to the sites.



Great photos of many of the Royal Swedish Ballet's productions. What a charmer norquist is. Tell us more about these dancers, please !

I am impressed by the choreographic range of the Royal Swedish Ballet -- Neumeier, Cranko, Balanchine, Peter Wright, MacMillan, Nacho Duato, Forsythe. The galleries on these two sites provide a kind of mini-tour of the company today, I should think.

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