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I just watched this again. This is the Nureyev choreography with Aurelie Dupont and Manuel Legris. I have two questions:

1) Basil and Kitri do a dance together before they are surrounded by the Gypsies at the beginning of Act II. Am I correct in thinking that this music comes from the Act I dance between Nikiya and Solor in Act I of La Bayadere? Was this just for the Nureyev version or is this standard for all versions of Don Quixote? I can't remember if this music was used in the Bolshoi version when they came to NYC last summer.

2) Is there any reason why Sancho Panza is dressed as a friar?

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Perhaps someone more familiar with the POB than I am can answer a question. This video is chock full of future étoiles: Gillot, Moussin, Osta. In the corps there's Mathieu Ganio as a very unlikely gypsy. (Just look for the guy with the longest arms!) Am I correct in thinking that Hervé Moreau is one of the bull fighters? I can't be sure under those hats.

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