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Is Miami City Ballet Any Good?

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It is usually only a couple of times a year that ballet companies come our way and the tickets are expensive. I am planning to see this production no matter what. However knowing next to nothing about ballet companies' reputations I am often lost. I just would love to know if it worth $70.00.

How many Radchenko companies are out there? We had his Russian State Ballet Theater this year and next year his Moscow Festival Ballet is coming? (was a bit disapointed by the Swan Lake by - yet another Radchenko - company this year).

I will apreciate an opinion on Miami and Moscow. Any one? :)

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artist101, welcome to Ballet Talk, and I hope we'll hear more from you.

We have a forum on Miami City Ballet where you will find your question discussed in some detail. Here's the LINK:


I also recommend the MCB's own website: http://www.miamicityballet.org/

Although MCB is primarily a Balanchine company, Artistic Director Edward Villella has been expanding the repertory to include classical full-evening ballets (Copellia, Giselle) as well as the works of many contemporary choreographers (Robbins, Tharp, Taylor, etc.).

Don Q is one more step (a big step, of course) in the development of a challenging and varied repertoire that is world class. The young Miami dancers, many of whom come from countries and schools with strong classical traditions, have the technique to do Don Q well.

It will be up to people in the audience like you and me to decide if they do it with a level of style and artistry that can compare with the Kirov, Paris, ABT, etc. I'm really quite curious (but hopeful) about this myself!

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Miami City Ballet is one of the finest ballet companies in the US. The Artistic Director is Edward Villella, who was one of the great stars of New York City Ballet and for whom George Balanchine created many roles. The Company is featured in the June/July issue of Pointe Magazine.

We have an entire forum dedicated to Miami City Ballet:


Feel free to read through to get a sense of what our posters think about Miami City Ballet.

Radchenko seems to have those two companies. The reviews from people here who've seen the companies are not very good. The critical press is mixed.

[Edited to add: bart and I were posting at the same time]

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I'm another huge admirer of Miami City Ballet :), which often performs Balanchine better than Balanchine's own company, NYCB. I've never seen their Don Q, but the company strikes me as one that can meet the challenges with great panache. One of my big disappointments of the past year was that I was unable to see them when they came to my area.

As for the Moscow Ballet (you were not very specific about its name), this thread may be about the company that will be visiting your area. But here are some reactions to the Radchenko troupe: http://ballettalk.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=13667

I would probably want to see both companies, and I'd be happy to sit in a higher (and cheaper) seat to fully appreciate the corps dances. But you may have your own preferences for your own reasons. :)

Please, after you've seen either (or both) I hope you'll share your reactions.

In the meantime, please visit our Welcome Page and tell us a bit about yourself!

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Thank you! You are great!

Although I am not a ballet professional, I've seen enough of ballet to recognise a poor effort. I still love it though.

I like to be plesently surprised at a performance, but to anticipate something special is so much fun, like: "I can't wait till November because Miamy is coming to town!"

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