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Vishneva (continued)


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Yes I agree Hans that Vishneva hides her less than ideal feet very well. Her feet are certainly not Zakharova/Ferri pretty, but she seems to have developed exceptionally strong foot muscles that allow her to balance on pointe , and they've become part of the "total package." Basically, Vishneva goes against every stereotype we have about a classical ballerina. Her arms are too long for her to have perfect port-te-bras. Her face is more striking than beautiful. She is not a china doll, and she doesn't pretend to be one. Yet she can triumph in roles like Aurora, Giselle and Juliet because of the strength of her personality and technique. She's never an ideal anything, but she makes her mark on everything.

One dancer whose feet are IMO actually distracting is Alina Cojocaru. I love everything about this dancer, but her wide, large feet do detract from her line.

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Vishneva is thus yet another example of a dancer turning the tables on what could be considered a shortcoming and instead using it as an advantage. :thanks:

A wonderful way of putting it, Hans.

Maybe this skill, which an awful lot of the best dancers must have used during their careers, would make a good thread of its own.

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Canbelto Please notice that I wrote turn out and pointing the feet, I did not write degree of turn out and shape of the feet. Natural turn out and natural shape of the feet are not what matters , it is how you turn out and how you use your feet that matters. I was only trying to say that it is as fundamental as turn out and pointing the feet. How about the crisis of epaulment? By the way Fonteyn had more than ideal turn out. I had never heard that bolshoi had always been known for ugly feet.

Papeetepatrick, I did not have yoga in my mind when I wrote that post. But now that you have brought yoga up, I feel I should give my opinion. Both yoga and Ballet tachnique are dicsiplines developed over millenniums (yoga) and centuries (ballet) on the same subject , human body. So there are bound to be similarities between them.

Carbro and other Moderators, forgive me for being offtopic from Vishneva again, I just needed to have a ground to make things fair because I feel some people have been unfair to me in this thread. Please go back to Vishneva.

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It's surprisingly tiny. :) Right hand column, under "News."

Don't know why the Mariinsky Theatre would underplay it, since they are credited in the proclamation.

The official Kremlin document is nine pages long, click page 3 to find Diana on the list of five People's Artists (she's in the middle of the five), where her association is given as Mariinsky (not Bolshoi). Clicking >> will get you to page 9, where you may enjoy Great Leader V. Putin's "signature" and the Great Seal.


The document was signed on January 31, so one wonders why it was not announced until today.

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