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Molly Smolen to join as Principal

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So am I! I've actually been quite worried about them. I've noticed that Molly has been freelancing here and there since her and Tiit's move from England, and wondered if SFB would offer her a contract anytime soon. I am very happy that has happened!

My daughter met them when she was dancing with the Estonian National Ballet 2 years ago and they were guesting in Giselle and Sleeping Beauty (they used to be principals there). She told me that Molly Smolen was extraordinary in every way. She, too, had a certain chemistry with her husband onstage. I wish I could see them in San Francisco. I hope they will have a chance to be partners again.

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I saw Molly dance with the Birmingham Royal at Lincoln Center. She was amazing. I have also seen her dance on other occasions, and she is a multi-faceted dancer. It is wonderful that she will be with San Francisco Ballet.

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