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I am a former professional ballet dancer, born in the US but raised mostly in Japan. While living in Japan, I saw many great companies and dancers--including the Bolshoi and Kirov when they did not tour to the USA. I danced with Tokyo Ballet [Gekijo?] in the '70's and then when my family moved back to the States, with an adjunct of Berkshire (MA) Ballet. After my dance career ended (injuries and the fact that a 2-3hr commute each way every day was no longer acceptable to my parents) I became a PBS producer-director/videographer-editor so I could do "Dance in America". But until very recently (last 10yrs or so) the only PBS station consistently doing dance--ie. classical ballet--productions was WNET. In fact there was a long period when I wasn't even sure "DiA" was still in production because there was a funding crisis, then a hiring freeze, and my local PBS station(s)--I lived in an overlap market--rarely showed any "Great Performances" nevermind ballets. I did manage to do several dance films (mostly performances) for some regional companies. And while I lived & worked in L.A. where ABT et.al. came for 3wks every year, I did see some great dancing. Now, after a 10year drought, I have finally reconnected to the dance world through this (and its sister website). Thanks for being there. As I frequently tell my scattered friends, "I may be crazy. But this is what keeps me sane."

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