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out of the shadows


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Ballet talk has been a great resource for me for several years now, but I only lurk.

partly I want to preserve my anonymity for my dancer kids (two daughters). It's such a small small world and mentioning any of my main concerns would make it clear who me and my kids are unless I use a disguise. Like everyone else, I have often deduced or strongly suspected the identity of students through info that I know belongs to certain people.

Recently it's gotten difficult to get to info (on SI's for example) without registering so here goes. Equally difficult without making enough posts. I was wondering if you need to make thirty posts each on ballet talk and ballet talk for dancers :jawdrop: Kind of a steep requirement. :(

Anyway I'm looking forward to joining the online community. :):shake:

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, 2dds. We're glad we've been of service to you and we hope we continue to help you. You can post on both boards, and once you have 30 posts you become "Member" rather than a "New Member" on Ballet Talk for Dancers and after 10 posts on Ballet Talk you becomea "Member." Post away and enjoy the board.


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Since Ballet Talk is a board whose purpose is to discuss issues in ballet, (mainly professional) performances, ballet music and history, dancers, and other topics from the point of view of the audience, there should be no issue with maintaining anonymity here. It is on Ballet Talk for Dancers that dance training and dancing itself is discussed.

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Thank you for the welcome, as well as the reassurance.

It still occurs to me that in discussions of dancers of color or specefic regional issues (topics I've seen in old threads), it wouldn't take much to igure out who's who. There are so few dancers of color--especially in certain regions. As a recent issue of Dance magazine discussed these are continuing issues of concern, especially in ballet even more so than in modern.

When dancing kids are still looking for work and or training, i.e. actively auditioning, it is fraught with all kinds of concerns for a parent. I have even been accused of impeding my children's progress and careers by even attempting to address issues of access, fairness, and diversity...

Given the limited diversity these days, I can see the potential for problems on either board...

Hoping for the day when this is no longer an issue.

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