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Ballet Photos

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I have seen some absolutely, stunning photos of dancers... What are your favorite photos of dancers and where can the be seen? Can they be had as individual photos or posters (I assume so)? Do you collect them? Is there a "coffee table" book of these photos you would recommend?

I am referring to one or two dancers, and not entire scenes with the corps and sets and all... like a sculpture. Those are the ones that do it for me.

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Hmm yes Jeff, as a matter of fact I may be able to point you in the right direction. Recently we have been adding to our "sculpturesc" form scrap sheet, (or rather a coffee table like collection LOL). I mostly prefer to capture "up and comers" as it gives a rougher look far different from such works by Steven Caras or Paul Kolnik. I too am a fan of Prima Ballerina or Dansuer prints. (its much more artsy).

- If you have pictures or self prints of your preferred form would you be so kind as to share them?

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