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Bossov Sign

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I was shocked when I read this article in the Morning Sentinel particularly this quote


What we mean is that the department shouldn't accede to the considerable persuasive skills of the Bossov Ballet Theatre's director, Col. Michael Wyly. Col. Wyly has aimed his verbal Howitzers at the department's policy of not allowing highway signs for cultural centers or tourist attractions that draw less than 5,000 people.

This is a very unkind and inacurrate portrayal of Mr. Wyly. He is a dignified and respectful man.

One thing to note is that the Morning Sentinel offices are literaly across thestreet in Waterville from where Mr. Bossov previously taught. I'm curious to know who wrote this article. By contrast the article in the Portland paper was unbiased.

The howitzer remark may simply be a slam on his military service rather than his personality either way it was inappropriate. For those of you interrested in military subjects as well as ballet here's an article that mentions Col. Wyly's career. http://www.d-n-i.net/fcs/cowan_proceedings.htm

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