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How much "homework" should an audience member do?

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If you get interested in the "what step IS that, anyway?" question, Gretchen Ward Warren's book on classical ballet -- which I've loaned out, so can't consult to get the exact title -- is still in print, I believe, and very useful. Hordes of photographs, each step photographed from many angles.

Alexandra, do you mean Classical Ballet Technique?

I hope so, because I ordered it earlier today!

List price is $39.95, but there were several used copied for under $30.

Thanks all for this! I too, have just ordered it. It didn't sound possible to live without.

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It's the photos, Hans :thumbsup: Yes, that's the one -- you all were too quick for me. Glad people have ordered it! I think you'll find it useful.
I'm hoping it will help me describe steps better than, "the turning thing where it's kind of like a back assemble, except her back foot is slightly crossed behind her ankle."
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There is a DVD set, The Video Dictionary of Classical Ballet, which shows countless steps. A caveat for the non-dancer. This DVD and the Classical Ballet Technique book are geared towards dancers. Each basic step has dozens of variations, plus style differences. Its like learning all 999 commands in Microsoft Word. I've retained more from a tiny book Basic Ballet: the steps defined.

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