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Interesting castings - July 2006 in St.P.

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Initial casting of July performances at the Mariinsky Theater are up. Among the more interesting offerings:

July 4 - Ekaterina Osmolkina's debut as Aurora in the 1890 original version of Sleeping Beauty. She has already danced the role several times in the 1952 Soviet version, both at home and abroad.

July 7 - a very, very rare appearance of company veteran Veronika Ivanova in a major role: Maria in Fountains of Bakhshiserai. Zarema will be Tatyana Tkachenko.

All subject to change, of course. :)

The rest of the July programming is iffy. The big G-8 summit will take place in the city in the middle of the month (July 15 - 17); most of the old city will be cordoned-off for several days. Not the best time to visit. I wonder who will be cast in the July 16 Fokine Mixed Bill & the July 17 'Swan Lake,' both to be delivered to VIP audiences?

Also, let's not forget that the major 'names' of the troupe will be in London in late July, for the Shostakovich Festival.

Speaking of Shostakovich - the casting for next week's big premiere of Gelber's 'Golden Age' is yet to be announced. Mr. Gelber was indeed in DC this past week, overseeing the three Forsythe evenings. Several dancers are being rehearsed and the final casting remains a great mystery. Well, we will soon find out (on Wednesday, June 28).

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