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What Would *You* Dance?


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(This is to all the non-dancers out there. :))

Since we dancers often have dreams of being Aurora, Kitri, Odette, Juliet, etcetera, do non-dancers (namely critics) ever wish they were the ones dancing up at the Met.? If so -

What ballet? (Choreography, music, [certain arrangement], era [Romantic, classical]).

Where? (City Theatre, overseas, yadda yadda)

If it's a pas de deux, with whom? (Okay, in an idealistic world, I'd partner the most good-looking guy. :) But then, I'm not answering this.)

Any other nuances you think that you would add/take from the role, upon viewing others' performances.

I might just have inspired a few brains to go put on pointe shoes. ;)


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I have favorite roles, or roles I think look particularly interesting to dance, but I have never, ever, even in a drunken stupor, wished I were on a stage (or off a stage) dancing, at the Met, or anywhere else :) I remember reading, as a child, in some fairytale I've long forgotten that took place in China, the Emperor -- with the longest fingernails ever grown -- saying to the ignorant Westerner, "Oh, no. We don't dance. We have others do our dancing for us." I thought it a lovely concept :)(speaking as one nondancing critic)

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Never having had the slightest desire to be onstage.......

I've also not had a longing to inhabit any of the roles......

however,wanting to wear some of the costumes is, indeed, another matter!

This does not, I am aware, answer your question. One role I know that I would never, ever, *ever,* be tempermentally able to undertake is Giselle.

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Swanilda seems to fit me well, as would the role I refer to as the "Tweety bird variation" from Sleeping Beauty, and the French Ballerina in Gala Performance.This is because these roles seem to work well for short dancers, and I am exactly five feet tall. :) If I were taller, I'd also like to do Cinderella [Ashton's of course], Kitri, Etudes, the Bluebird pdd, Giselle peasant pdd, and Mark Morris' Sandpaper Ballet.

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I would love to dance:

*Balanchine's Tchaikovsky pdd, Sylvia pdd, Tarantella, Who Cares?, La Sonnambula -- well, anything, really!!

*Robbin's Other Dances, The Cage

*Ashton's Thais pdd

*Petipa's Raymonda, Giselle

*Macmillan's R&J, Manon

*Cranko's R&J

*Pdds: Grand pas classique, La Esmeralda, Diana and Actaeon

*Lander's Etudes

*Bournonville's La Sylphide

*Mats Ek's Giselle

*Petit's Carmen

*Forsythe's In the Middle Somewhat Elevated

*Neumeir's Nijinsky

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1) The lead in Balanchine's Der Rosenkavalier from 'Vienna Waltzes'. The choreography, the music and the costume are just too sumptuous to resist.

2) The lead in Balanchine's 'Ballo della Regina', even thought all that intricate pointe work would kill my feet.

3) The lead in Petit's 'Proust Remembered'

4) Robbins' 'Afternoon of a Faun' & 'Other Dances'

5) The lead in Ashton's 'Cinderella' with Dowell as my Prince.

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