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NYCBallet Web Site

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I finally had some time I thought I could devote to helping out with the NYCB web site.

I know that a lot of foks here have also been having problems with it. I received the

following response to my offer to help:

Dear Hal,

Thank you for your offer. I am aware of the browser issues. Our current site is eight years old and hence a little creaky. A new site will be launched on July 31 that will resolve all browser problems.


Carol Landers

Director, Online Media

Great news. I look forward to seeing the new site as I am sure many of you do

as well.

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Well, it's about time! I emailed Carol soon after the site was first put up (yes, eight years ago) about the browser/scrolling/navigation problems, and she was not very open to comments. They could/should have solved those problems long ago -- any time you create a website the main considerations should be useability on multiple platforms, ease of navigation, clarity of organization and appearance.

Here's hopin'.

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I agree that the site should have been initially designed to be more usable-- i do research for a web design firm, so i know this first-hand.

But, we need to keep in mind that NYCB is still a NFP with budget limitations. I'm guessing it took all this time to get the money allocated for the website. Those allocating the budget should have recognized sooner that a website is a great marketing tool and tool for encouraging loyalty, and so should have funds allocated towards it. But, alas, that's not the way things often go.


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That's true that they are a non-profit and budget allocations take time, but over the years they have added many things to the website, so there IS some kind of budget.

Though I am not an expert, I have studied web design and Information Architecture and know that testing for browser compatibility - on ALL commonly used platforms -- is a very important part of the job. I would think that when the problems were first noticed, NYCB should have gone back to the design firm and had them re-do it to be more browser compatible, because it was unsatisfactory and a poorly done site. They should not have been charged for a re-do of faulty work.

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