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Who's in Jackson

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Who's in Jackson? Is anyone going to post messages? If so, please post often. The only thing I'm likely to hear directly from Mississippi is a string of predictable phrases that add up to absolutely nothing. I'll hear, "It's okay" and "We'll see" and other utterly useless information.



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I'm actually there (here) right now. I am dancing in the IDS so will be able to see most, I believe, of the evening performances. Tonight is RoundI. I do plan on updating when computers are availiable. I believe BT4D will also have posts! :dunno:

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I hope you will get the time to post, AmaG520. Good luck!

In reading some of the articles, I learned for the first time the extent to which the rituals of the Olympics have been absorbed into this event:

About 100 young competitors in Capezio warmup suits paraded the the colorful flags of 24 countries to the stage.

"You are the best in the world," Jackson Mayor Frank Melton told the competitors, ages 15-26. "When you go back to your respective countries and homes, spread your talent. Teach other young people."


Joseph Phillips, 2002 junior gold medalist, carried the torch to the stage and knelt before handing it to IBC Jury Chairman Bruce Marks to light the flame.

For the first time since its 1979 start in Jackson, the IBC lit its official torch from a new flame.

Donated by Richard and Sandra Carlino of Regional Dance America, which will perform in Jackson June 29, the flame was created in honor of well-known dancer Luis Fuente, first torch-bearer for the inaugural IBC.

He also appeared on the event's 1982 poster. Regional Dance America will perform a work of Fuente's during its June 29 showcase in Jackson.

The flame burns throughout the competition.

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