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Drop-in Classes

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First of all, pardon my English!

I recently moved to a large city and am taking ballet classes there. The teacher charges about $12 Canadian per class. I know ballet is expensive, but is that a reasonable price? She is trying to pressure me to register for 6 classes so I have to pay $72 up front.

There is not even a deal in that. The $72 still ends up to be exactly $12 class and you would think for that many there is usually some sort of deal, right?

Anyway, I'm not wanting to complain. But I'm wondering if:

a) this is a reasonable price?

b) does her pressure to make me pay for 6 classes ASAP show a red flag?

c) considering the price, what should I look for in her studio and teaching technique to make sure its worth the money?

Thank you very much.

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Ballet Talk is a discussion board from the audience's point of view, to discuss performances, dancers, ballet history and music, and news and issues in ballet.

Our sister board, Ballet Talk for Dancers, is the appropriate forum to discuss dance training. We don't share registration, and you'll need to register there separately. Please use the same username (bendetanczyz) on that forum.

If you want to discuss ballet from the other side of the curtain or studio, you are most welcome to do so.

You should not worry about your English; you express yourself clearly.

I'm going to close this thread.

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