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7x7: Women

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An enjoyable Sunday afternoon - here's the Washington Post review.

I wish the performance had been longer. 7 dances x 7 minutes = 49 minutes. This format always leaves us wanting more!

Choreography ranged from the neo-romantic (Trio in White. Uncertain Song) through the frenetic (Shifting to here), the unclassifiable (Stearc, Alarm Will Sound, and Minor Loop), and the silly (Pillow Talk). The hits, for me, were Uncertain Song - a modern-day "l'Allegro, il'Penseroso" without the Moderato - and Alarm, that had the dancers dodging many criss-crossing lengths of white tape that were strung out from wing to wing across the stage. I don't think there were any real misses, although I felt that Brianne Bland and Jason Hartley were underutilized in "Minor Loop."

This year's 7x7 program didn't always call forth the best from the WB. I think, without being able to prove it, that some of the choreographers maybe didn't know the company and its dancers well enough to elicit their best work. But, to end on a positive note, I saw a lot of great stuff from the Studio Company dancers as well as the WB stars!

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