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Limit for quoting?

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I have searched this "About This Site" area and can't find an answer to this question.

I noted today that while doing a lengthy and complex PM that all my quotes did not take. After much fooling around I determined that all of my syntax was completely correct but that there is apparently a 5 quote limit one can do in this forum. Is that so, and if so, why is that?

Here is an example of what I'm talking about (note that if you edit out the 6th quote, suddenly the other 5 will show up):

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I just found it and reset it to 10. There was warning text to say that a limit was in place because multiple imbedded posts can cause some browsers to crash.

Thanks for the change Helene. I would think 10 quotes are enough even for someone talkative like me :).

BTW, I don't think the warning msg applies here. We are not talking about EMBEDDED quotes. These are sequential quotes. I can't imagine ANY browser having a problem with any number of sequential quotes. However, I can imagine embedded quotes (like Russian dolls) perhaps causing a problem. I suspect that when you set the parameter at 10 that WOULD allow someone to attempt a 10 level embedded post (not likely of course). So I suspect that's what the warning was trying to say.

P.S. I am leaving soon on a trip with little if any access to the internet. I just got your longish PM. I likely won't be able to respond to it for several days. But I will respond eventually, at least with a "Got it".

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Sorry I wasn't very clear. What I meant is that I am dealing with sequential quotes not embedded quotes. There is some likelihood that someone (me for example :)) will use more than 5 sequential quotes, but highly unlikely that someone would use more that 5 levels of embedded quotes.

So adjusting the parameter to 10 won't break anything when folks use up to 10 sequential quotes, but as the warning msg states it MIGHT break someone's browser if there are 10 embedded quotes. Fortunately the last case is unlikely to ever happen.

It makes sense to me that the same parameter is used for both; it's just a limit for quotes of any kind, period. So to allow 10 sequential quotes, you must also allow 10 embedded quotes. However, I think the danger of a problem is very low.

Thanks again for making it 10. That should handle 99.999999% of the cases with negligible risk.

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