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Several Soloists leaving Kirov-Mariinsky

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From various sources, reported by family in St. Petersburg:

- Andrei Merkuriev joining Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow, as principal. Signed permanent contract. Switch will occur at the end of August '06. He confirmed this to press at a conference yesterday.

- to Dresden Ballet: Elena Vostrotina and Dmitri Semionov, the brother of Polina Semionova, who is already in Germany (Berlin Ballet)

- to Bordeaux Ballet (Charles Jude's troupe): Olga Yesina and Vladimir Shishov

Others to follow soon but contracts not yet signed. Stay tuned, folks.

So Merkuriev's appearance in the Spanish Dance of the just-filmed Swan Lake DVD is literally his 'Swan Song' with the Kirov.

Leigh Witchel - You probably saw Semionov in his very last appearance with the Kirov, when you saw his Solor last week. How nice that he was able to finish the first phase of his career on a high note.

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I think the reason of so many company members leaving is just the fact, that the theatre is closing for several years due to restoration.

So the dancers who stay in the company have to dance on different stages and to train in different studios.

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The theater is closing for only 18 months, commencing Jan. 1, 2007. That's the latest announcement, at any rate.

Here's a more likely reason for the departures. Talented up-and-coming dancers like Vostrotina, Yesina and Simionov have little opportunity to perform in substantial roles, unless they are highly favored within the politics of the organization and of 'Russian Life' (such as Somova or Kondaurova). Hence, any opportunity to depart for professionally-greener pastures is welcomed, especially if the sponsoring organization makes it easy for them (visas, travel, household move, etc.).

Update - even more have recently left!

Vienna Opera Ballet recently welcomed Maria Yakovleva, one of the great talents of the Class of 2005. Barely able to perform in StPetersburg, Yakovleva joined Vienna Ballet as a soloist (their highest rank). Also in Vienna is Ivan Popov (as demi-soloist) and one other male dancer whose name escapes me.

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I suppose that I could also write 'Nigerian Life' or 'Mexican Life' or 'Ukrainean Life.' Russia is not alone in combatting this malaise. Apologies - I don't mean to pick on my second home, which I love, warts and all.

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Regarding the lack of opportunity to perform in major roles --

It seems that even the favored principals don't dance these roles all that much, at least compared with North American standards.

Is this impression correct? If so, why is this the case (is it just a function of the vastness of the company)? Where CAN the company's dancers get the performance experience and the oportunity to expand their art? Some guest with other companies. What about the rest?

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A shocker: Viktoria Terioshkina and Natalia Sologub have left the Mariinsky. Both will be soloists with the Dresden Ballet in Germany. Confirmed in the Semper Opera House, Dresden, website:


At least Washington, DC, saw Terioshkina in some of her last performances as a member of the Kirov-Mariinsky, when she triumphed as Myrthe in Giselle. She will be missed, as will all of the other talented dancers.

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According to the Mariinsky website Tereshkina & Fadeyev just opened the season in St. Petersburg last night in Swan Lake. She is also scheduled to dance on their North American Tour next month so, thankfully, it appears that she has not left the Kirov.

Any reports of last night's performance?

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The current version of the Dresden company roster has an asterisk by Tereshkina's name. That or a cross usually means "Guest Artist," (alternately, "Principal Guest Artist," etc.) but the "*" isn't referenced anywhere on the page.

This reminds me of the old days when people tried to figure out what was happening in the Kremlin by looking at the photos from the May Day parades!

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