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Bruce Marks as artistic director

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Bruce Marks has taken over the artistic direction for the Orlando Ballet since Fernando Bujones' untimely death to cancer.

The company was clearly shaken in the fall, as Fernando's health was at stake, IMHO. When he died, I was devastated. What would happen to this wonderful ensemble? Who could possibly replace Fernando? I live in Orlando, and I am so thrilled to have a top-notch company in town...

Well, Bruce Marks came out of retirement and took over. This spring, Fernando had slated a full reproduction on Raymonda. Bruce Marks (and school director Peter Stark) did stage the final act, I believe because Fernando had staged it for Bruce Marks' former company, Boston Ballet. They changed the rest of the program to include some contemporary ballets, most notably, "Lark Ascending", which is Bruce Marks' choreopgraphy.

Jessica Sibley received a standing ovation for her exquisite lark both nights that I attended. The whole company received a standing o for their perfect synchronicity in "Raymonda" as well. This company, under Fernando and still under Marks, has extraordinary depth. The whole company can and does perform in unison, and you can't spot a "weak" dancer on the stage.

That said, Katia Garza is something special, and she shined in her showcase "Don Q" pas de deux.

Bottom line: If you were tempted to see Orlando Ballet because of Fernando Bujones' presence, do still come and see OB under Bruce Marks. Different, but still stellar. Unbelievable talent for a regional company. I am lucky to live in Orlando!

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Thanks, so much, cbnp.

I think Mr. Marks' willingness to suspend his retirement is a huge tribute to the dancers of Orlando Ballet and to Mr. Bujones' accomplilshment in building the company. Marks, of course, has a wealth of experience. It is very generous of him to share that experience with the company and the audience. Bujones' premature death was a lot for the company to overcome. They also have paid a tribute to his memory.

Please keep us up to date with Orlando Ballet, and please introduce yourself on our Welcome Page. :flowers:

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A number of this season's trainees have been offered apprentice or company positions for next season and Marks has promised more performing opportunities for the company next season. It is an exciting youthful group of wonderful dancers, some of whom are extremely accomplished. Their continuing excellence is indeed a tribute to the AD they so loved, Fernando Bujones.

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Orlando seems to attract -- and produce -- wonderful dancers. I have to confess that I've never seen the company, despite now living only a few hours away. Anyone have any impressions about performances this past season? Or what to look for next season?

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