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the undated (possibly from 1940) and uncredited photo of POKER GAME (costumes by Irene Sharaff) w/ BALLET RUSSE DE MONTE CARLO (S. Hurok Presents) publicity material shows, i believe:

Georges Tomin as the Ace of Hearts

Mark Platt as the King of Hearts

Igor Youskevitch as the Jace of Hearts

Lubov Roudenko as the Ten of Hearts


Alicia Markova as the Queen of Hearts


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Am I the only one that's frustrated that this ballet has not been reproduced in light of the fact that members of the original cast are alive and reputedly remember the choreography? Come on, the Stravinsky/Balanchine combination was the greatest pairing since Gilbert and Sullivan! Ten years after they are gone someone will be attempting a 'reconstruction' based on photographs and reviews!?!


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Good point -- I know there are other works to that score, though I haven't seen them and can't speak to their style.

This is one of those times that I really miss Bob Joffrey, who had such a sense of responsibility to the past.

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