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Dancers who resemble a celebrity or each other


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I was watching something last night and noticed the striking resemblance (nowadays) between Irma Nioradze and Joan Crawford. Not Mommie Dearest Joan Crawford, but MGM Joan Crawford.

In the same vein, people have mentioned Margot Fonteyn and Audrey Hepburn.

Sofiane Sylve looks a lot like Julia Stiles.

And plenty of dancers look strikingly like other dancers.

Paloma Herrera looks a lot like Maria Tallchief.

Polina Semionova IMO resembles Natalya Bessmertnova.

Uliana Lopatkina and Merrill Ashley.

Can anyone think of any more?

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I've always thought that margot Fonteyn looked like a romantic version of young Princess (now Queen) Elizabeth, the face on British money.

And young Suzanne Farrell looked amazingly like a British swinging-London supermodel whose name i can't remember, but who made the two front teeth fashionable.

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The current issue (Spring) of Ballet Review has a cover photo of RDB's Thomas Lund airborne in Napoli in which he looks a little like Peter Boal and a little like every male dancer you've ever liked.
That is a fantastic image, Farrell Fan.
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I actually meant Farrell Fan's description "in which he looks a little like Peter Boal and a little like every male dancer you've ever liked." (Writing as a huge fan of Lund's who still feels infinitely "wuzrobbed" that Nikolai Hubbe replaced the scheduled Lund as James when I saw La Sylphide in Copenhagen.) I'm sorry I wasn't clear.

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I think Diana Vishneva and Alessandra Ferri resemble eachother immensely, especially a bit younger Alessandra. When Diana came out on stage at the end of the ABT Gala with all the other principals (led on by Bocca, of all people), I could have sworn it was Alessandra, albeit a bit taller...alas she didn't dance Manon that night. Both are absolutely beautiful and unique.

I think Bocca looks a lot like Sean Penn.

And Wendy Whelan and Sarah Jessica Parker could be sisters.

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I agree with Paul and Helene about young Fonteyn resembling young Elizabeth, especially comes out in that old film of 'Le Corsaire,' maybe because all that perfected hokiness (and a little naughty maybe) has obviously often been favoured by the Queen, e.g., that PBS thing, 'Windsor Castle' about the 'Detente' with France, in which it is not at all clear that 'Les Miserables' was the only diplomatic thing she had to settle on as entertainment for such an event (her 'inspection' of the stage is hilarious.) By 'Marguerite and Armand' Fonteyn no longer resembles the Queen at all, to my eye.

I've sometimes thought Farrell resembled the adult Bibi Andersen around the time of 'I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.' But she mostly makes me think of Tintoretto and Parmigianino figures.

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I used to see flashes of McBride in Merle Park.

Paul, the English overbite model you refer to -- Jean Shrimpton?

I see Fonteyn's smile in Michele Wiles.

I think Megan Fairchild's resemblance to Kay Mazzo is much stronger than Yvonne Borree's.

Sean Suozzi looks more and more like Eddie Villella.

Am I the only one who saw the high cheekbones, almond eyes and full, wide mouth of Maria Alexandrova and thought, "Sophia Loren!"

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Yes, Carbro, thank you -- JEAN SHRIMPTON. One of the most influential beauties of her day -- suddenly, EVERYBODY broke out in overbites. The covers oif Glamour, Vogue, 17, all the way down to Redbook, every model on those covers for years had two teeth visible. That's why Gelsey had to have her lips done.

And yes to Jennifer Ringer and Elizabeth Taylor.

In fact, when Daria Pavlenko came out in Diamonds, with her hair up and that crown of diamonds on, I thought she looked exactly like the young Elizabeth Taylor in Ivanhoe -- it wasn't the diamonds association, it was her face -- the huge wide eyes, the shape of cheekbones and jaw, it was an awesome resemblance -- and the rather short wide-hipped body. They had shaded her tutu indigo at the sides to make her waist look narrower (or else her partner's hands had gotten into a vat of ink and he'd left hand-prints from turning her -- what are the odds of that?)

But she was awesomely beautiful.

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I always thought Nureyev resembled Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Tyler is of Russian-Italian decent and has those classic cheekbones.

Kevin McKenzie resembles Patrick Monahan of Train.

Leaving the world of music, Baryshnikov reminds me of James Cagney in some of his scenes from "White Nights."

And (coming out of the past) I just ran across a photo of Angel Corella wearing a mustache for "The Merry Widow" where he looks quite a bit like Johnny Depp.

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Kanawha, you're onto something --I think Baryshnikov said at some point soon after he defected that he wanted to dance like James Cagney....

if you haven't seen the movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy," you might not realize that James Cagney was in fact a GREAT dancer as a great character actor. Fabulous allegro technique. Check it out. he dances up the walls. At the end of the movie (he plays the composer George M Cohan), he comes down the stairs (after a private audience with President Roosevelt, who's thanked him for all that Cohan's music has done to raise the morale of the Allied soldiers) of the White House, and starts dancing down the stairs, doing cabrioles -- at first they're tiny, almost nothing, but they get bigger and bigger till they're huge and then fade back again till they're like a whisper, before he reaches the bottom of the stairs.

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Paul and Jane D., I have seen "Yankee Doodle Dandy" but not for many a year. Cagney was wonderful in that film! It's funny but we always think of Astaire & Kelly as the great Hollywood dancers and we tend to leave Cagney out of the group. Your descriptions of his footwork makes me hungry to see the film again.

By the way, can anyone think of any current dancers that resemble either Astaire or Kelly as per this thread?

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