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Balanchine's Waltzes

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Laura Jacobs writes on Mr. B's Liebeslieder Waltzer and Vienna Waltzes for Playbill. It is now available online:


Regarding Liebeslieder:

"In the first act," Balanchine told his biographer Bernard Taper, "it's the real people that are dancing. In the second act, it's their souls."

Regarding Vienna, Jacobs writes:

When the stage is overwhelmed by a climactic corps of identically dressed women in white, their gowns rising like whitecaps on the wind and the ballet pitching and flashing in ecstatic apotheosis, the connection is complete: It's the swan song of the waltz era. As for that young woman so deeply lost in thought, a role made on Suzanne Farrell, she might be any dancer alone in the studio with the mirror. In her person--drifting, dreaming--ballet and the waltz are one.
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