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Partnership wishlist

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The Part-Gomes Swan Lake came up for discussion on another thread about the Murphy-Corella telecast, with the overall sentiment that the former have more chemistry. I wish they would dance more together, and would like to know other pairings people covet.

Who is the best partner for Xiomara Reyes? I agree with what others have said about her with Herman Cornejo; shared short stature does not guarantee rapport. She dances a lot with Angel Corella, but that pairing does not fully satisfy me. Both have a childlike aura. I felt his boyish Albrecht undermined what she was trying to do with her Giselle. I was excited to see her put together with Ethan Stiefel this season, but his unfortunate injuries have taken him out of it entirely.

I'm not sure who is best for Gillian Murphy, but I have seen Ethan Stiefel bring out her dramatic side more than others when they were paired in La Fille mal Gardee and Kaleidoscope. She and Carreno together are too formal. People speak of him as a hot Latin, but he can have a reserve. I miss Susan Jaffe for him.

Gomes is good with everyone. I have seen Michelle Wiles at her best with Gomes, but never saw her performances with Acosta.

I think Hallberg has been very good with Maria Riccetto and Stella Abrera. He was also good with Julie Kent in Kaleidoscope. Paloma Herrera isn't my favorite but maybe the contrast between their styles, heights and temperaments will be effective, similar to the Dvorovenko-Beloserkovsky pairing.

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An interesting topic, beck_hen. Thanks for starting it. I hope some of the responses will address the following observation:

Gomes is good with everyone.

This is a rare and extraordinary quality.

There have been a number of discussions of partnering on Ballet Talk. Generally, those who seem to be the finest partners for more than one female dancer also seem to be those without dominant stage personalities or exciting technique of their own. Nagy, for instance. But Gomes has those other qualities as well. What is there about Gomes' dancing that makes this kind of rapport with his partners possible? How rare is this ability?

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Who is the best partner for Xiomara Reyes?

Reyes and Carreno's Romeo and Juliet was truly memorable. Are they dancing together often now that Susan Jaffe has retired and if so, in which ballets? If only I got to see ABT often enough to be able to expand upon this topic! Interesting thread--thanks.

By the way, I've seen enough to agree that every Gomes partnership seems special. Am I correct in assuming that ABT dancers appreciate him just as NYCB dancers appreciated Jock Soto? I'd be very interested to learn how the two are thought to compare as partners (apart from the obvious differences in height and repertory).

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Since (and even prior to) Jaffe's retirement, Carreno has not been paired with any particular ballerina. He is a great partner -- technically superior to Gomes, perhaps, and emotionally available to his ballerina, but he is only of medium height. Gomes has a few inches on him. The partner I most want to see with Gomes resides across the plaza. He and Ashley Bouder both connect so powerfully with whomever they dance with, I would make a huge sacrifice -- if necessary -- to see them together. Hopefully, I'll have the opportunity, and hopefully, with no particular sacrifice.

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Oh, I agree! Maybe it's time to ask:

Anyone seen any ballerina look bad with Marcelo? :(

Good point. No, I've seen him with a half dozen or so different ballerinas and it always seems to work out well. And it's not that there was just an absence of splats; he always seems to really show off the ballerina's strengths whether it's virtuosity, lyricism, or drama in a highly positive way.

I also loved him with Sylve at the YAGP.


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I have been watching Mr. Gomes from the time he first came to ABT in 1997 (?). Even a man would look good dancing with him! :( I asked him once about 2 or 3 years ago about his partnering skills. He really does enjoy showing his ballerina off, to best effect. He loves partnering as much, if not more than his solos. And since partnering hurts so, it is a commendable and vital "trait" to have as a male dancer. He has become one of my favorites!!!!!

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I agree that Sylve and Gomes looked great together at the YAGP gala. I have yet to see the Part-Gomes Swan Lake but am really looking forward to it!

Of partnerships I'd like to see, I would LOVE to see Julie Kent and David Hallberg paired together. I can't really explain why but I've always had this image of them together, even before casting for Kaleidescope was announced :( Both long and beautiful, with exquisite lines and very gentle and lyrical movements...I think it would be perfect. Yes, there is quite an age gap but I would love to see David paired with a mature ballerina like Julie. Just my two cents.

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