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Mariinsky's "Le Corsaire", found some music.........

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While driving today, and listening to my CD of Adolphe Adam's "La Jolie Fille du Gand", I was stunned to fnd that the Entree to the ballet's Pas de Trois (for those who have it, CD 1, track 11), was the same music used in the Mariinsky/Gusev "Le Corsaire" as a lietmotive for Medora.

For those who are familiar with the Mariinsky's version, Medora first makes her entrance in the prologue on a beach with her fellow greek girls. The music used for her entrance contains a theme that does not turn up in the Sergeyev-derived staging. (ABT, Boston Ballet, etc) This theme turns up in various guises (in the same way that Tchaikovsky used the theme for the Lilac Fairy in various guises in "Sleeping Beauty", or Adam's themes in "Giselle", etc) throughouit the Mariinksky's staging, likewise so do a few other themes.

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