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The Imperial Ballet's "Sylvia"

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I was wondering who was responsible for the production mounted in 1901 @ the Mariinsky of "Sylvia" for which Preobrajenskaya danced the title role. Was this the first production of the work mounted in Petersburg?

There was a ballet created by Petipa titled "The Adventures of Peleus" in 1876, which was later shortened and given as "Thetis and Peleus" at Peterhof by Petipa in 1897. The score was by Minkus with additions by Delibes. Does anyone known what work the Delibes' numbers derived from?

Regarding "La Source" it seems Petipa never mounted a production of this work, as Lynn Garafola does not include them in his list of works,. which as far as I know is the most complete list (doesnt ithis list come from Petipa's "Marius Petipa Materialy"?) ...was there ever an Imperial Ballet production of this work? According to Guest's "Letters from a Balletmaster" Minkus recycled much of his portion of "La Source" for Saint-Leon's 1869 ballet "Le Lys".....perhaps the Delibes music used for "The Adventures of Peleus" came from "La Source"?

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the two entries from NYPL for the Perf. Arts indicated the only references in can find to imperial th. stagings of SYLVIA and SOURCE, tho' i suppose there might be others not catalogued.

the nov. 2005 issue of THE DANCING TIMES kindly published a little selection of my russian post cards connected to the '01 SYLVIA.

here are the catalogue entries:

Sylvia: Chor: Pavel Gerdt & Lev Ivanov; mus: Léo Delibes; lib: Jules Barbier & Louis Mérante. First perf: Russia: St. Petersburg, Dec 2, 1901 (O.S.)

Source: Chor: Saint-Léon restaged by Achille Coppini; mus: Minkus and Delibes; lib: Charles Nuitter and Arthur Saint-Léon; scen: P. Lambin and K. Ivanov. First perf: St. Petersburg, Maryinsky Theater, Dec. 8, 1902.

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