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Any news on any upcoming ballet recordings?

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I was wondering if anyone has heard of or has anmy news of any notable uocoming recordings of any ballets. I really hope that the 1900 original Minkus "La Bayadere" will be recorded someday soon! :shake: But other than that, anything?

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Solor, do you mean audio recordings?

More importantly, which century? I probably pick up a new recording of an unknown ballet score of the 20th century every month. Sometimes more. This month it's Mayuzumi's Bugaku (Balanchine 1963). But it's a very long wait between resurrections of 19th century pieces. I know the problems having been personally involved.

For most 20th century ballet scores a conductor can go straight to the publisher or orchestral library and obtain a complete score and parts ready for performance. For the 19th century forget it! If your lucky enough to locate an orchestral score of a work it's often not usable. Notations have in some cases changed in the intervening years, the paper or binding may be too brittle to allow direct use. So the whole score may have to be recopied. Then there is the matter of orchestral parts which have to be recopied. (The latest computer software facilitates this.) It's extremely time consuming work and no one is willing to pay. I've had offers by producers to record works I've discovered if I can supply a score and parts gratis. I understand their position, the commercial return is miniscule. But it's a commitment of months for no renumeration. So my appetite for ballet music will continue to be served by the 20th century with the occasional bon bon from the 19th.

Bye the bye, does Bugaku still get performed? I'm intrigued by the music and wonder what Balanchine made of it?


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Alas, I cant answer your question fully - I dont know if Bugaku is still being performed.

But I have actually seen it and I was most impressed.

It must have been in 1965 or thereabouts - NYCB guested at Covent Garden in London. Moving around Europe I have unfortunately lost the program, but I know I saw a triple bill and the only ballet that has stuck in my mind is Bugako. I also have a faint memory that the Englisher werent that overwhelmed - OK, I can partly understand that, way far off their style. Anyway, only having seen it once I would put it on my list of favorite ballets.

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Bugaku was performed the gala night of the "Balanchine 100." I guess that would mean November 2003 - w/Kistler and Soto in the leads. The reviews at the time had something like "perhaps" it was the last time we'd see the ballet. But nothing official. San Francisco Ballet and Miami City Ballet also perform the ballet.

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I was wondering if anyone has heard of or has anmy news of any notable uocoming recordings of any ballets.

Here's a new CD release that may interest the 19th-century afficionado:

Ferdinand Herold (1791-1833): La Somnambule, ou L’Arivée d’un nouveau seigneur,

ballet-pantomime en trois actes

choreography by Jean-Pierre Aumer (1774-1833)

libretto: Eugène Scribe

premiere: 19 Jan. 1827, Paris Opéra

Richard Bonynge & Orchestra of Victoria, Australia

MELBA MR 301087

timing 60:30

I'm happy to see Mr. Bonynge continue his efforts in forgotten ballet scores.

Incidentally, it was this ballet which provided the inspiration for Bellini's opera four years later.


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