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Swan Lake - 1895 CD to be released through Amazon.com

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:) Great! I had this one and then let someone borrow it about five years ago. Have not heard from this person and have learned a good lesson about such valuable recordings as this one.

Yes.....although I have no reservations about copying music from my colection for people free of charge, I will never let anyone borrow the actual CDs - I let a somewhat well known ballet troupe in Washington (I wont say who they are..... :shake: ) borrow my SACRED recording of the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra conducted by Zhemchushin of the Russian performance version of "Giselle", and I got it back scratched to oblivian, and right over the magnificently conducted 'Grand Pas des Wilis'! Luckily for them I didnt notice these scratches till after I had moved from Washington sometime later, otherwise someone would have got ripped a new one.

I was fortunate enough to get a used copy in good condition as replacement, which cost an arm and a leg, but some CDs are not so easily replacable, like the original Fedotov 1895 Swan Lake release from JVC, which has a great accompanying booklet that details all of the changes in the score number by number, a feature the re-release does not contain. Hopefully this upcoming release will include this.

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