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A passing reference to Suzanne

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David Blaine, the performer of televised stunts, is currently encased in a water-fillled sphere on the plaza at Lincoln Center. The plan is for him to emerge tomorrow night, then be locked up in chains, be resubmerged, and try to set a new record for holding one's breath (old record 8 minites. 58 seconds) while attempting to unchain himself. The stunt seems to me too complicated by at least half, but people have been gazing at him all this week, and a two-hour TV program will be seen live. All of which caused the New York Times, in an article by Edward Wyatt today, to wonder if the performance was "a bit out of character for the environs of Placido Domingo, Yo-Yo Ma and Suzanne Farrell." Suzanne, of course, used to be seen in those environs holding on to the air, but most sightings of her in recent years have been in Foggy Bottom in Washington. Of course I'd be thrilled to see her again in her former environs some day, but I'm not holding my breath.

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