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I Got Rhythm

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Just wondering if anyone has seen NBT's performance of David Nixon's I Got Rhythm. I recently saw it at Sadler's Wells and was none too impressed by it. I can elaborate on this, but would like to see if anyone else had any insights before I go start...

What a funny flashback I am having right now, I haven't posted on Ballettalk in about four years, as my ballet days ended and I went off to college. Now I'm in the UK studying and have had the great opportunity to take a ballet appreciation with Clement Crisp and am seeing some beautiful performances.

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Welcome back to Ballet Talk, Allegro.

I hope that you'll get some good responses to your inquiry, and that you'll post your thoughts about the performances you see in the UK.

As someone who saw and enjoyed Northern Ballet Theatre performances quite awhile ago (especially their Romeo and Juliet), I'm looking forward to hearing more about I Got Rhythm.

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