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Current releases for the US market, according to Amazon -

June 27: Kirov Ballet, Giselle w/ Mezentseva (re-release)

June 27: Paris Opera Ballet, Sleeping Beauty w/ Aurelie Dupont, Manuel Legris (release in US market)

June 15: Paris Opera Ballet, Jewels (unconfirmed)

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Region 2/PAL DVD releases for June according to this website:

Napoli - Royal Danish Ballet

Kirov Swan Lake (by Warner, no more info)


I think Natalia said the Kirov Swan Lake will be with Lopatkina.


Pique Dame (Ac3 Dol) - Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Ilze Liepa and Svetlana Lunkina [paired with Passacaglia w/Lunkina]

Release Date: June 13, 2006

Bel Air Classiques

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Thank you, art076, chrisk217, and Dale!

I usually spread out my DVD purchases so that I can check periodically to be sure we're being credited for sales through our amazon.com link. With this batch, it's going to be hard to resist the temptation to order them all at once :clapping:

and live on bread and water all summer...

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The Kirov-Lopatkina 'Swan Lake' is being filmed in June, so it won't be released until the end of the year (estimate).

As someone else mentioned, the so-called "Kirov Swan Lake" DVD release in June may simply be a rerelease of one of the many Kirov Swans that already exist on VHS, e.g., Evteeva/Markovsky, Mesentzeva/Zaklinsky, Makhalina/Zelensky or perhaps the Japanese one with Gumerova/Kolb.


New-releases news: Amazon is listing six or seven full-length-ballet DVDs by the very fine Moscow Classical Ballet troupe of Kasatkina/Vasiliov. Most of the titles are Kasatkina & Vasiliov's own choreography of well-known ballets, such as 'Swan Lake,' 'Don Quixote,' 'Spartacus,' triple bill of Firebird/Sacre du Printemps/Miraculous Mandarin, etc.

Finally - An odd Kirov double-bill DVD is being released: Eifman's 'Firebird' starring Komleva, in a quirky ca-1980 filming, paired with Vinogradov's 'Petrushka,' danced by Andris Liepa. The latter was released earlier as part of the 1992 VHS 'Mariinsky Ballet of St. Petersburg.'

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The Kirov-Lopatkina 'Swan Lake' is being filmed in June, so it won't be released until the end of the year (estimate).

I am glad to have Lopatkina's Odette/Odile preserved permanently on celluloid, but what concerns me deeply is that this site, which is extremely reliable, slates the release to be in October, but says:

* Tchaikovsky - SWAN LAKE (Highlights) Valery Gergiev, Kirov (Universal)

If this is true, then this is bad news indeed. Why film at all if you're only going to film highlights? :beg: I hope the site's info is wrong but I know the guy who runs the site and he is very very reliable and doesn't put anything on this site unless it's verified.

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