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Please help me identify this performence

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How do you do,

Late at night in a hotel I saw this ballet on mezzo tv channel. I do not know the name or company or venue, but would love to get it on DVD if possible. The mezzo program webpage points to "Best of des Nijinsky Awards 2004" but after searching the net I cannot confirm this is it.

I will try and describe some of the scenes as best I can:

Dark stage with about 5 male vocal singers on the left side of the stage (wearing black). The language may have been french, but sounded more like arabic.

The total number of dancers was about 10, but many scenes had only one or two dancers. Most of the time the dancers were wearing long skirts.

In one scene you hear a male voice (in French) while one Japanese female dancer was speaking to it and making hand gestures, and another white male dancer behind her was also speaking to it, and he also started making hand gestures. After a while he left and she kept speaking in her own voice, and at last in Japanese. The theme seemed to be Japanese culture, with Japanese images on the screen behind the dancers.

In another scene, a short blond female dancer was twisting her body as another dancer was hitting her (with no contact). Very powerful! (wow). At the end of the scene the female dancer strikes down the aggresive dancer in one blow.

There were many other scenes harder to describe (not as unique).

I really hope this is enough to identify this ballet! This was at 4am that I came across this program by chance.

Thank you!!!!

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