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change in artistic directors


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Thanks for the clarification. If the season is already set, then the timing of this decision doesn't seem quite as drastic. Awkward, as far as the search process goes, but not as difficult as it might be if they were still organizing their 06-07 rep.

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Jonas was/is the heart of a slowly developing kernal of artistic excellence within the company. He could have pushed the company to MUCH greater heights, given the chance. Thank you, Jonas for extraordinary leadership, even though you may have been shackled from the start with budget constraints, public taste stagnated from Mr. C's days, and the demands of several unions. Wherever you go, I for one, will be watching with interest. :shake:

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Inside View,

Welcome to BalletTalk, whether you're de-lurking or have just found the site its nice to have new voices posting. I hope you'll drop me a line at the theater sometime.

PNBmom I was going to shoot you a PM but your mail box is full/disabled?

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PNBmom I was going to shoot you a PM but your mail box is full/disabled?

PMs are enabled once the person has attained full member status and the group changes from "New Member" to "Member." A person's group can be found under his/her board name to the left of the post, following "Group:"

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I think we better include this link here:

The Salt Lake Tribune, 5/20/06 Ballet director says he was forced to quit

Jonas Kåge, Ballet West's artistic director for nine years, gathered the company's dancers during rehearsal Friday afternoon and told them he wanted them to know the truth.

Contrary to a news release sent out three weeks ago, he did not decide to leave the company, he said. He was called in to a board meeting to discuss a performance review and told the results were bad - bad enough that his contract was going to be terminated. His only choice was between two already-prepared releases, one stating he had resigned, the other that he was fired.

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This is getting mysteriouser and mysteriouser.

Did you notice, towards the end of the article, they quoted Francis Timlin from criticaldance.com, in a series of quotes including Allen Ulrich, formerly of the San Francisco Examiner and Dance Magazine. I think it's very interesting that they included commentary from the electronic community.

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Two more articles: May 31 and June 2

I don't buy the "artistic differences" argument that is being speculated about, e.g. the types of ballets performed--at least, not much. I'd guess it was more a conglomeration of reasons, and maybe some personal issues as well. I've enjoyed some of the changes Kage instituted since his arrival, particularly the reduced emphasis on story ballets, but in the past year that seemed to be changing back to what it was...a bit disappointing... And there have been quite a few dancers that I've been very sorry to see leave in the past four years....

Regarding financial issues: There has definitely been a big reduction in the number of dancers/performances/etc. in the past few years, probably to some degree reflecting the changing economy. We're about one to two years behind everyone else in that area, and just recently began noticing the effects of a strong recovery. On the other hand, in the past couple years, the company became unionized and there is a junior/trainee company.

I can't help but think they already have somebody in mind....

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It’s Adam Sklute.

Ballet West executive board chairman Dan Miller says Sklute was the perfect candidate for the job.

We had six final candidates whom we brought to Salt Lake City," said Miller. "And we had them teach company classes, train with the dancers and undergo an array of questioning from the staff, the dancers and the board. With every one, except Adam, we had some concerns. But he was the one that all of us agreed on."

Sklute also worked with Joffrey's marketing and development departments and worked with the board, said Miller. "That's something we were looking for as well. Ballet West has been able to operate in the black these past two years, and we want to continue."

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Here's an article from deseetnews.com reporting the press conference at which Adam Sklute, formerly associate artistic director of the Joffrey, was introduced. (Thanks to dirac in today's Links.

Adam Sklute

Today in the Joffrey forum, Treefrog reports that Mark Goldweber will also be going to Ballet West, as Ballet Master. There's no mention of this in the article, however.

Any comments from our Ballet West posters -- or others?

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