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Mysterious "Fille Mal Gardee" variations/coda in Spassov

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I was wondering if anyone who has the recording "Pas de Deux: The Ballet Experience" (Boris Spassov conducting the Sofia National Opera Orchestra - CD Capriccio 67 012) could help me identify the 2 variations and coda included in this CD's recording of the "La Fille Mal Gardee" PDD (tracks 19-22 on this disc).

This recording credits the Pas to Peter-Ludwig Hertel, being arranged by Peter March. The Entree/Adage (track 19) is the standard Hertel music - which by the way is in it's standard orchestration - but then there are the subsequent 2 variations and coda that I have never heard as part of the traditional Hertel/Russian/Gorsky/Soviet "La Fille Mal Gardee" PDD music (it sounds to me as though March didnt have a hand in orchestrating any of this music).

When I have danced this PDD, the male and female variations were the ones traditionally danced by just about everyone in performance and on the competition circuit (the female variation being the polka variation for Columbine by Drigo from "Harlequinade", whioch is alos included in the Gusev "Harlequinade PDD". I believe this variation came into the "La Fille Mal Gardee" Pas via Gorsky in the 1910s. In this Spassov recording the 2nd variation (track 21) sounds very Drigo-esque to me - its in 4/4 I believe, sort of a slow allegro, with a charming melody orchestrated for flutes and glockenspiel, with some strings accompanyment, though the 1st variation in 3/4 (track 20) and coda (track 22) sounds very Minkus-ish.

Theres a 6 CD boxed-set called "Original Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra" (Georgi Zhemchushin conductor - label: Pilz) that includes the standard Soviet/Gorsky/Petipa?/Hertel/Drigo "Fille Mal Gradee PDD.

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