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Piano reduction I just got of Drigo's "Harlequinade"

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I just bought an very old piano reduction of Drigo's 2 act "Harlequinade" off of Ebay. Although the manuscript is for piano, it also specifies orchestration. It also has stage directions in french. Theres a dedication in to an Alexandra Feodorovna? It also gives a listing of the orignal cast. I was wondering if anying knows anything about this book?

1. http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/241/harlequinade54fz.jpg

2. http://img261.imageshack.us/img261/9751/harlequinade11nd.jpg

3. http://img284.imageshack.us/img284/950/harlequinade27sn.jpg

4. http://img277.imageshack.us/img277/3013/harlequinade34lk.jpg

5. http://img284.imageshack.us/img284/5130/harlequinade43jl.jpg

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the dedication page to alexandra feodorovna refers to the empress alexandra, wife of tsar nicholas II

the pugni/humpbacked horse piano score i have is dedicated to marfa muraveyva, the first tsar maiden.

these mss. seem variously dedicated to royal family or to leading ballerinas.

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